Colorado Callanetics


What it is

Callanetics is non linear, and multi dimensional. There is no special equipment. It can best be described as a method similar to Pilates and yoga. It stands out because it uses a technique of strengthening muscles throughout their full dimension, by overlaying pulses on top of deep muscle contractions. This engages more muscle fiber and results in accelerated toning.


Callan Pinckney invented this exercise as a solution for her chronically injured back. She was a student of fitness, and used her knowledge and experience in ballet and yoga to innovate her own unique approach to improving her strength and flexibility.

Good for the back

There are no pounding or impact type movements, and does not place strain on the cardiovascular system by inhibiting blood flow or altering the blood pressure to any extreme degree. The movements are small and are always done at your own strength and flexibility level. Because the exercises are so effective, both will increase dramatically. Callanetics emphasizes proper body alignment, and targets the deep, postural muscles. These workouts are great for the elderly, those recovering from injury, and can be done by everyone.

It works quickly!

You will find that your body changes dramatically after doing only a few workouts. It strengthens your core muscles, and quickly tones from the inside out. Do Callanetics twice a week, and the results that will amaze you. Reclaim your right to an amazing figure.

Intrinsic strength, posture and balance